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FILE - Russian deputies applaud during voting in the Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament, in Moscow, March 20, 2014.

Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

State Duma lower house ratifies 2012 agreement to write off bulk of debt, says total debt stood at $10.96 billion as of Sept. 17, 2012 More

Video Study: Immigrants Benefit NYC Economy, Quality of Life

Immigrants like those at a recent New York rally are an increasingly potent economic force, and according to the Mayor’s office, immigrants make up more than 40 percent of city’s population More

An American farmer

Video Face of American Farmer Changing

Average American farmer is now 58 years old, and farmers 65 and older are the fastest growing segment of the population More

A man carrying a girl on his shoulder holds up a paper reading "PX (paraxylene petrochemicals) get out of Maoming, return us clean land", as demonstrators gather to protest against a chemical plant project, near the city government building in Maoming, Gu

As Opposition Grows, China Defends Plans for Petrochemical Plants

Choking smog and environmental degradation in many parts of China is angering an increasingly educated and affluent urban class More

Combat vehicles with a Russian flag on one of them and gunmen on top are parked in downtown of Slovyansk, Ukraine, April 16, 2014.

Kyiv: Russian Banks Fund Separatists

Ukrainian officials say they have evidence Moscow is funding pro-Russian separatists fomenting unrest in east and is asking West to sanction them More

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Argentina's Fight with Bondholders Reaches US Supreme Court

The case concerns whether investors can force banks with which Argentina does business to disclose information about the country's non-US assets

Federal Reserve Chair Stresses Inflation, Employment in First Policy Speech

In her first major policy speech, Janet Yellen says Fed is not likely to raise interest rates until its inflation, unemployment goals are reached

Russian Economy Slows as Ukraine Crisis Continues

Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev says economy expanded just 0.8 percent in first quarter, earlier predictions said it would grow 2.5 percent

China Defaults Mount Among Inter-company Loans

Chinese companies granted a net $411 billion in so-called entrusted loans in 2013, nearly double the 2012 total

US: China's Currency 'Significantly Undervalued'

The Treasury acknowledged that China's currency has appreciated, but said the increase is too slow and has not gone far enough

Chinese Economy Slows in First Quarter

Chinese leaders appear for the moment to be tolerating the current pace of weaker growth, and have ruled out any major stimulus

Video Ukraine Receives Additional Aid As Tensions Rise

With Ukraine's economy near collapse, the United States on Monday announced a one billion dollar loan guarantee for Ukraine

US Warns China its Currency Still Undervalued

Treasury report calls yuan 'significantly undervalued' and says US watching its value closely

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Study: Immigrants Benefit NYC Economy, Quality of Lifei
Adam Phillips
April 18, 2014
New York has long been a magnet for immigrants looking for a better life. A new independent research study also shows that immigrants help the city thrive as well. VOA’s Adam Phillips has more.

Video Study: Immigrants Benefit NYC Economy, Quality of Life

New York has long been a magnet for immigrants looking for a better life. A new independent research study also shows that immigrants help the city thrive as well. VOA’s Adam Phillips has more.

Video Millions Labor in Pakistan's Informal Economy

The World Bank says that in Pakistan, roughly 70 percent work in the so-called informal sector, a part of the economy that is unregulated and untaxed. VOA's Sharon Behn reports from Islamabad on how the informal sector impact's the Pakistani economy.

Video Fans Buy Hollywood History

Hollywood history is on sale at a celebrity auction April 11-12 that draws buyers from around the world. VOA's Mike O'Sullivan reports from Beverly Hills that the items span a century of movie making and include some 20th century political memorabilia.

Video Immigrant-Friendly NYC Mayor Pushes Official IDs for All

Immigration advocates in the United States continue to press for sweeping reforms that will clear a path to citizenship for all immigrants, including those without valid visas, and grant them access to many of the benefits and protections that U.S. citizens enjoy. VOA’s Adam Phillips files this report from immigrant-rich New York, where the new mayor is hoping to implement a new universal identity card program that will help undocumented immigrants move into the city’s mainstream.

Video Putin's Energy Threats to Europe Come With Costs for Russia

Russia is again using its role as Europe’s dominant natural gas supplier to pressure Ukraine and the West. Europe gets about 30 percent of its gas from Russia, and half of that passes through Ukraine. But how much leverage does Russia really have in using energy exports to achieve diplomatic or geopolitical objectives in Europe? VOA’s Mary Motta reports from London.

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